Opening into new global gastronomic cultures is a huge market trend with Japanese and Asian cuisine on the rise. This consumer led drive to discover those cuisines is reflected by in our food offer.

Hana group offers a culinary experience in line with this international exchange logic. The group’s brands develop innovating corners in both the United States and Europe, which offer a new and theatrical tasting experience.

After creating a brand that quickly became the French leader of Japanese Cuisine, our group continues its international development. We intend to expand globally while remaining loyal to our creative and quality values. Those values lead to our customers and our partner’s loyalty

380 points de ventes 200M euros chiffres d'affaires 2400 collaborateurs Implantations en Europe et aux USA
380 points de ventes 200M euros chiffres d'affaires 2400 collaborateurs Implantations en Europe et aux USA

Our activities


Innovating cuisine from elsewhere

Hana group is specialized in the retail & food sector and wholesale distribution. The brand develops its own high-ended sales network, which offers a diverse and open world cuisine. By creating original concepts, the group’s brands knew how to anticipate and satisfy the consumer’s expectation & trends and add value.

Remain faithful to each gastronomical DNA

Menu’s creativity and innovation contribute to the success of the group’s brand demand. Exclusive Sushi and Sashimi recipes, original Teppanyaki ranges, Yakitori and Teriyaki… our talented chefs give free rein to their imagination to create new flavors while keeping the integrity of each dish.



Creating a new culinary destination

Food wholesale distribution. Opening concepts inside retailers & supermarkets, our brands get into the heart of the business proving a high level of return visits and attracting new customers. To manage each corner’s development and sales is an essential element to their strategy.

The Transport Hubs. Opening in the transit areas means focus on providing quality food in volume. Such high footfall transit environments allow customers to combine fast service & offer with groundbreaking moment during their trips.

Constantly surprising

Sales animation distinguishes the group’s brands in the vibrant restaurant landscape. Games, competitions, battles and cooking lessons decorate the space and guarantee real commercial gains through customer interaction.

80% clients-prescripteurs

80% clients-prescripteurs

80% clients-prescripteurs

80% clients-prescripteurs

The fresh preparation directly in front of the customer is the groups USP. This theatrical approach allows the observer to appreciate our well skilled chefs in action.


Sushi Gourmet Logo
Sushi Gourmet proposes a sushi bar concept into the wholesale distribution. Our greatest asset is to offer fresh daily, high quality products made by our Sushimen chefs. All our products are made in front of our customers to ensure a great level of freshness. Learn more

Sushi Market Logo
Sushi Market offers a sushi bar concept into the wholesale distribution. Our Sushimen chefs make fresh products in front of the customer. This procedure ensures great level of freshness and high quality so that we can always guarantee customers satisfaction. Learn more

Genji Logo
Genji sushi bars offer the best sushi and sashimi available in supermarkets in the US and the UK, in overall terms of freshness, quality, convenience, price and variety. We are honored that our sushi is often compared to some of the finest sushi restaurants. Learn more

Genji Ramen Logo
Genji ramen brings an authentic Japanese experience with a large variety of ramens. The Ramen Bars include a dining area to enjoy a cozy and pleasant ambiance. Its allow you to take you ramen on the go. Learn more

Wok Street Logo
Build-your-own Asian rice or noodle bowl, topped with your choice of slowly marinated meats, fish or tofu, seasoned vegetables, fragrant sauces and crunchy toppings.
Learn more

Mai Logo
Mai specializes in sushi and lots of healthy Japanese deli dishes. We use only 100% all-natural ingredients to make sushi, bentos and authentic Asian sauces.
Learn more

Grazie Mamma logo
Grazie Mamma offers authentic Italian cuisine with a wide variety of Pizza, Pasta, Saltimbocca or Bruschetta. These Italian products are made in front of the customer.
Learn more

Wok Street France logo
Wok Street brings a variety of Asian dishes in supermarkets. Rice, stir-fried noodles and vegetables or vermicelli of rice and raw vegetables, find all the tastes of Asia in freshly cooked dishes.
Learn more

Izakaya logo
Ideal place to have fun over a drink or a meal. Izakaya offers Japanese tapas that you can order as much as you want throughout the meal!

Learn more

Fire Leaf logo
With healthy Asian food, Fire Leaf offers fresh, colourful salads and fried noodles. Everything is customizable according to your tastes.

Learn more

Kei Jei Kitchen logo
Kei Jei Kitchen reinvents the best of Japanese gastronomy with a Korean touch. Find noodle soups, Sushi burritos and lots of other bold Korean flavors.

Learn more

Toribird logo
Toribird brings the wonderful style of Japanese fried chicken to the United States. Fries to order and mixed with one of the four signature sauces, this is a hot, crispy and addictive concept.
Learn more

Chouk logo
Chouk revisits warm recipes with the refined flavours of the Orient! Discover carefully simmered and spiced couscous in front of you, every day.
Learn More

Nem&Co logo
Nem&Co offers you hot crispy nems and doughnuts to take away ready to eat ! Also enjoy fresh and delicious salads and spring rolls!

Learn more

Peace Dining Video
Genji - USA - UK

Wok Street - USA - UK
Wok Street - USA - UK

Sushi Gourmet - Europe
Sushi Gourmet - Europe

Genji Ramen - USA
Genji Ramen - USA

Peace Dining Corporation
Peace Dining Corporation

Nouveaux Concepts 2017
Food-court concepts :
Grazie Mamma - Wok Street

Nouveaux Concepts 2018
Food-court concepts :
Chouk - Della Mamma - Nem&Co


Creating new culinary destinations

The sustained growth showed by the group since its creation in 2012 is the result of a visionary market strategy.

The relevance of these choices benefits from the expertise and involvement of our blue-chip retail partners in terms of management and financial success.

Along with Sushi Gourmet’s success, its historical brand, the group has approach today a new development phase through an international growth policy.

Strengthening a mutual trust relationship

The relationship with our international partners is fundamental to Hana Group. This bond continues to be reinforced over time and positive experience of the different factors of the group’s expansion.

Our Partners : A2Pas, Albert Hypermarket, Alcampo, Aramark, Auchan, Auchan Supermarché / Simply Market, Autogrill, Brusells Airport, Carrefour, Casino, Continente, Cora, Delhaize, E.Lerclerc, Fresh Direct, Hyper U, Intermarché, Ipersimply, Jumbo, Match, Mega Image, Monoprix, My Auchan, OTG, Sainsbury's, Simply Supermercado, Super U, Whole Food Market, Wsh


Our values

Defending sustainable values

controler avec rigueur - respecter la culture gastronomique - s'appuyer sur le savoir-faire - réinventer les expériences - faciliter l'accès - bénéficier de l'expertise - procurer des instants plaisirs



Article Le Figaro

Le Figaro - Published on 06/12/2016
Sushi gourmet part à la conquête de l'Ouest.
Le groupe français Hana Group devient l'un des leaders mondiaux de la restauration asiatique ...Learn more

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Avec le rachat de Peace Dining Corp, Sushi Gourmet s’implante aux USA et au Royaume-Uni. - Hana Group accélère son développement outre Atlantique. Aux côtés du fonds international TA Associates ... Learn more

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Le propriétaire de Sushi Gourmet rachète les américains GENJI, Mai et Wok Street Kitchen. - Consolidation mondiale dans le monde du sushi et de la restauration asiatique avec l’acquisition par le français Hana Group ...Learn more

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Sushi Gourmet rachète Eat Happy - Un an après le rachat de l’américain Peace Dining Group [...] le français Hana Group, propriétaire entre autres de Sushi Gourmet, vient de reprendre le réseau français Eat Happy.Learn more

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News Anyway - Published on 17/11/2017
Hana Group sets new UK trend and wins gold Sushi Gourmet, run by Hana Group, has won the Food to Go category in the 2017 Quality Food Awards. Learn more

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Sushis, un cercle toujours vertueux Le sushi a bien gagné en maturité et la concentration se poursuit parmi les principaux acteurs de corners ... Learn more

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Snacking - Published on 25/10/2018
Hana Group installe un kiosque multimarques Della Mamma, Chouk et Nem & Co à Vélizy 2. C’est au cœur du Auchan de Vélizy 2, à quelques mètres ...Learn more

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Linéaires - Published on 4/02/2019
Auchan - Fontenay sous bois (94) - En plein chantier de réinention de l'hyper, Auchan livre à Fontenay une copie de travail enthousiasmante...En Savoir plus


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