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Remote working: how to ensure our employees’ well-being

At Hana Group, our employees are very sensitive to the subject of remote working.

As much as remote working offers opportunities to work in a more relaxed space, while saving valuable time, the issues it raises are not as obvious as it seems.

For example, did you know that the organization in remote working requires as much organization as in the office? It’s important to pace yourself by taking breaks whenever they are needed. And more than ever: take care of your posture!

To make sure our employees know how to take care of themselves when remote working, we organized a conference on this topic. François Duverne (work psychologist) and Yasmine Césaire (ergonomist) shared their knowledge with us.

We made the decision at Hana Group to offer our employees the opportunity to keep remote working, if they wish, even when governement restraints end.

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